10 Favorite Posts from 2013

As you wind down the year, I thought a recap of some of the favorite posts from 2013 might be helpful. Maybe you’ll find a post you missed or perhaps one of them will serve as a needed reminder as you enter 2014. Below, you’ll find a quick summary of each post along with a link.

10 New Year's Resolutions for the Servant Leader What will you attempt to do differently in 2014? For many leaders, thoughtful reflection yields new levels of resolve and results. Resolutions can give voice to our intent. Maybe this list will stimulate your thinking.
Do the Right Things vs. the Nice Things – This seems to be an ever-present challenge for me. As I talk with others leaders, I am not alone. Although it will never be easy, it is essential that we try. Our effectiveness hinges, in large measure, to our ability to figure this out.
Today's Challenge: Hired Hands – What do you do to lift the engagement of those you lead? If you do nothing, you’ll sacrifice their greater contribution. For every pair of hands you hire you get a free brain. It’s our job to plug it in.
Help Your Kids Cultivate a Leader’s HeartYes, thankfully, adults can develop leadership character. However, it is extremely difficult. The best time to shape character is in children. This posts tells you how to begin the process.
The Heart of Leadership: Courage is RequiredIn my new book, I describe courage as the “catalyst for leadership.” Virtually everything we do as a leader requires some measure of courage. In this post I attempt to defend that statement and share a few thoughts on how to be more courageous on a daily basis.
Imagine – Inspired by a visit to the Savannah College of Art and Design, this post is one in a series of five, in which I outline the critical role of creativity, innovation and imagination in our success as leaders. There's also a really cool portrait of Einstein.
Are You Leading a Family or a Team? – I see growing evidence one of the primary culprits impeding the effectiveness of many leaders is confusion on this simple issue. The principles of effective team leadership are fundamentally different those required to lead a family well. When you get these confused, your team will be a perennial underachiever.
Today’s Challenge: Helping People Think – This was one of many questions I received during the year that made me stop and think. In this post I speculate on why it’s even necessary to help people think (and it is) and I share a few ideas to help others do what this reader did for me.
Is Your Leadership Career Stalled? – Many leaders confess they feel their career is stuck. Not because they believe their best days are behind them, they just aren’t getting any traction. Clearly, there could be scores of reasons for this dilemma. In this post, I respond to one of the most obvious stumbling blocks I see on this topic.
Today’s Challenge: I Don’t Have Senior Leadership Support – Many great ideas die for lack of senior leadership support. I understand. However, this post gives you a few thoughts to consider before you abandon your idea.
Thank you for your support during 2013! I’m thankful you for your interest, your readership, your re-tweets, the posts you’ve passed on to others and your comments!
I look forward to serving you in 2014![GLS_Shield]


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