10 Favorite Posts From 2012

I hope 2012 was a fantastic year for you. One of the highlights for me was the chance to create and share this site with you. Just over 12 months ago, GreatLeadersServe.org was just an idea. Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement that continues to shape this site and its content. As the year winds down, I thought I’d share some of the most popular posts from 2012. I’ve included a brief description with each link – I hope you'll find something here to help you make 2013 your best year yet.

How to Lead Millenials – In a Time magazine article, Dan Schawbel shared some recent research on the next generation. This post is a summary of his findings.
7 Marks of a Great Assistant – What separates the best administrative assistants from the rest? Here’s my list of the most important characteristics of a great assistant.
Simplify – The best leaders are gifted at simplifying things. This post shares some of them.
Don’t Confuse Activity with Accomplishment – Too busy? Be careful. Maybe this post will help.
The First 7 Seconds - Why do some communicators fail to connect with their audience? Often, the answer can be found in just 7 seconds. If you are challenged by this post, you may like The First 7 Minutes.
The Most Powerful Leadership Equation Ever – The title says it all. The more I use this, the better I lead.
servant leadership works. – Servant leadership is still largely misunderstood. What is not debatable – it works.
5 Ideas to Recharge Your Battery – Leaders are often known for our capacity to get things done. To sustain the pace, we’ve got to be able to recharge.
My Favorite Leadership Question – Questions are a powerful leadership tool. In this post, I share a question I ask virtually every day – sometimes, many times a day.
7 Tips for Better Mind Maps – If you’re not familiar with Mind Maps, see the post entitled, A Swiss Army Knife for Your Brain; if you are, the 7 tips post may help you go to the next level.
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