2015 Global Leadership Summit

Who challenges you to grow as a leader? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you find the latest thinking on the topic of leadership? How do you rekindle your passion to lead?
Every year, early in August, for almost 20 years, I join tens of thousands of leaders from around the globe to take another step on my leadership journey. The Global Leadership Summit is a cornerstone of my annual development plan.
Year after year, I am impressed with the caliber and diversity of the faculty. Liz Driscoll and her team do an outstanding job assembling a unique blend of leadership experts and practitioners to help call leaders to live into their God-given potential. And, as advertised, the content is all new every year.
From my perspective, this year was one of the best since the events inception. Here are a few sound bites, or tweets, that may give you the flavor of the content and stimulate your thinking as they did mine…
[tweet_box design="box_16_at" author="@LeadersServe"]“Vision is not the core of leadership – it is self-sacrificing love.” Bill Hybels[/tweet_box]
“If you have a charismatic cause, you don’t need to be a charismatic leader.”  Jim Collins
“Stories have the power to change the world.” Ed Catmull
“In a world of givers and takers, don’t select any takers (to join your team).” Adam Grant
“Leaders must choose: courage or comfort - you can’t have both.” Brene Brown
“Ask a different question (when filling a vacancy): Not, who’s the best person? Rather, How do we strengthen the team?" Sallie Krawchek
“Don’t live for a resume, live for a legacy.” Albert Tate
“Leaders have forfeited the right to make excuses.” Horst Schultz
“93% of American workers feel underappreciated.” Sheila Heen
“The best leaders don’t hoard power, they give it away.” Sam Adeyemi
“When you lack resources, you are most resourceful.” Liz Wiseman
“Talent can get you to the top but only character can keep you there.” Craig Groeschel
In the weeks ahead, I’ll recap some of the content from this year’s Summit in greater depth. For now, I’ll process my notes and create my action plans. As usual, the Summit reminded me: I still have a lot of growing to do![GLS_Shield]


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