Act As One

In the research for Chess Not Checkers, we identified four moves all High Performance Organizations make. Last week, I wrote about the first of the four: Bet on Leadership. Today, I have pulled another excerpt from the Chess Not Checkers Field Guide, which I co-authored with Randy Gravitt. Following is the introduction to the second move… Act as One.
To Act as One is a simple idea with profound implications for leaders who desire to create High Performance Organizations. Think about the potential impact of a unified and aligned workforce. If you harness the power of every member of your organization, your competition doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why High Performance Organizations make the second move – they strive to Act as One.
Teams exist to accomplish a mission that individuals never could. At their best, a unified group can achieve truly amazing results. However, anytime an organization lacks alignment, the opportunity for reaching its full potential is squandered. High Performance Organizations possess the uncanny ability to appreciate and pursue the idea of “we over me.” This mindset powerfully enables performance to skyrocket as everyone pulls on the rope in the same direction.
If an organization intends to Act as One, it requires courage and intentionality. As a part of setting the pace, leaders must decide to clear the clutter and ruthlessly call their teams to work together. Too often, organizations fail as egos collide, agendas get in the way and turf wars ensue. Without a focused leadership team that calls out unity, an organization is headed for chaos.
As the leadership team attempts to galvanize the organization, there are three key steps they must take. First, they need to Create Clarity. It is not enough for the leaders to know the mission, vision, strategy and goals. These ideals must also be clearly communicated to all levels of the organization.
Second, the leadership team is charged with recruiting toward alignment. To Staff with Eagles, those high performers who buy into your culture, is vital if you intend to maximize your results.
Third, leaders need to Affirm Values in Action. By creating a culture of encouragement where people are valued and celebrated for doing the right things and also for doing things right, organizational excellence is within your reach.
High performance is available to you and your organization. It begins with a new way of thinking, rooted in WE. If you are ready to pursue total organizational alignment, you can take the next step in your high performance journey...
It's time to Act as One![GLS_Shield]
How aligned is your organization?
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