Check Your Calendar – FREE Webinar September 29th

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Secret, Ken Blanchard and I will host a FREE one-hour Webinar on Monday September 29th at 2:00 Eastern.
For those new to The Secret, Ken and I will share an overview of the SERVE model and its implications for all of us who strive to lead at a higher level. We’ll cover topics such as…

  • Why is vision a leaders first priority?
  • How do you raise the engagement level of those you lead?
  • Why change is a prerequisite for success?
  • What is true success for a serving leader?
  • What’s the quickest way to gain, or lose, trust?

If you are already familiar with The Secret, don’t hit the delete key yet… this session was designed with you in mind, too! Ken and I will incorporate some the ideas and insights gleaned from working with leaders and organizations all over the world as they’ve worked to inculcate the practices of the SERVE model in their organizations over the last decade.
We’ll conclude our time together with a live Question and Answer session. We’re making every effort to create a session to add value for you and your organization. I hope you can join us!
Check your calendar - next Monday, September 29th, at 2:00 Eastern. Here’s the link to register.
A final request: You may know leaders who would find value in this event. If you do, please send them the link so they can register, too Thanks![GLS_Shield]


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