One Word... Vision (Part 2)

Last week, I began a post on Vision. I shared my working definition and my case for why it matters. Realizing you probably already know it matters, I wanted to follow up with a few ideas on how to create one.

So, let’s assume you get it - conceptually, but you don’t have a compelling vision for your team or organization. As you begin to craft your picture of the future, how do you know if you’re on track? Here are a few characteristics of a vision that works.
It must create passion in you. Does your pulse race when you talk about the vision? Can you feel your blood pressure rising? Is the vision so compelling for you, you have no choice but to pursue it? If you aren’t passionate about the vision, don’t expect anyone else to be. The passion of others will always lag somewhere behind yours.
It must inspire others. Why must this vision become a reality? Can you explain to others why the accomplishment of this vision matters? Can you help them get excited about the journey? They must be willing to invest personally in the pursuit. If the vision doesn’t inspire others, the chances of it becoming a reality are slim.
It must be big. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Now, judgment is certainly required here – if the vision is TOO big, it will seem unrealistic and people will not sign up for the journey. However, I believe the best leaders err on the bigger side of this issue. Small dreams stir no man’s soul.
It must be worth the effort. The vision must matter. If we are asking men and women to invest their time, energy and effort to accomplish the vision, they must be convinced that the return will make a difference.
Okay, I think I’m going to need a third post on this topic. I’m working hard to honor the coaching and feedback I’ve received from readers and keep my posts to a single page. I knew when I started writing about vision there was a lot to say.
So, next week, I’ll share thoughts on why so many leaders and their organizations fail to turn their vision into reality and what the best leaders do to buck that trend. Until then – Dream Big![GLS_Shield]
What is your vision?
I’d love to hear from you on this. Leave your comment below.



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