Responding to Pressure

Yesterday Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos did it again with their improbable overtime playoff victory over the Pittsburg Steelers.

For the past week I listened to countless analysts say that the game would literally determine Tebow's future as a football player. Deliver a victory and live to fight another day, or loose and "There's the door."

There is an old saying, "Pressure busts pipes."  While the statement is true, there is another side to pressure.

Pressure also reveals character. It literally makes diamonds.

As a leader, your character is revealed most when you face adversity, challenge, and temptation . . . all forms of pressure.

Are you passing the test?

The thing I love about Tebow is that he breaks the character mold as much as he does the football mold.

I hope you have the character to break the mold this week and stand up to the pressure you will face in your environment. If not, today would be a great time to focus on growing your integrity.





What is your impression of Tim Tebow?


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Chris Patton

11 years ago

This year, I have been able to overcome his college football heritage and pull for him in the NFL! I love his boldness and witness. Plus, he is fun to watch!
I think we need to pray for his protection against temptation and whatever else could derail him. So many people are watching and waiting for him to fail...I pray he stays true. At the same time, he is only human. We cannot expect him to rise above that, can we?
Finally, I think we need to take cues from him. While we are not in the same spotlight, we all have our own little circles of influence. Are we maximizing our own space with a strong witness? If not, why not?


11 years ago

Great questions and comments Chris!

Stephen LaFond

11 years ago

Great post Randy! I agree, I heard those same analyst this week, I don't believe Tim Tebow would let one game determine his career in the NFL. He has too much faith from what I see. I agree with you Chris, he will definitely be tempted and challenged, he already has been, yet he continues to push on and thank God that he has been given the opportunity.
That pressure is what forms a perfect diamond out of a piece of coal. How amazing is that! I know for me when the pressure is on I thrive and love to lead my team through the adversity, then celebrate with them when we meet our goal. One of my goals for 2012 is to be a better witness, like Tim Tebow, as you say Chris, in our little circle of influence, we can make a huge difference! I know I can do a better job at that, thanks for the challenge.
Now on the other hand I am a lifelong New England Patriots fan so I can't pull for Tim this weekend, but if he pulls out a miracle in New England I will pull for him to win it all. In my book he is already a winner.
God Bless,


11 years ago

Thanks Stephen. Great stuff! Patriots are on Tebow alert this week.


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