Top Ten Posts from 2014

As we approach the holidays, I decided to repeat an idea from previous years... A Top Ten List! Below you'll find a simple summary and a link to some of the favorite posts from 2014. Maybe you'll find something you missed the first time around. Merry Christmas!
Top Mistakes Leaders Make - Check out my list of the top 20 mistakes leaders make. My goal for 2015 is to avoid them all!
How to Revive a Culture - This post was inspired by a talk by Bill Hybels at the 2014 Global Leadership Summit.
Are You a Rebel? - I was excited to attend POP TECH 2014. The theme was Rebellion. Take a look at my list of five things every leader should rebel against.
What Do You Do When There's Nothing You Can Do? - In this post I share a few of the leadership lessons I continue to learn as the parent of a child with special needs.
Golf and Leadership - As an occasional golfer, I hit a lot of bad shots. This post includes several lessons that help me recover from some of my bad leadership shots.
Talk is Cheap... Change is Hard - Leaders invest most of their time working to create change. In this post, I share six observations about change management.
Why Story Matters - This post was inspired by Robert McKee's Story Conference. After the sessions, I reflected on the reasons story matters for leaders.
I Was a Lousy Student - In this post, I share one of the greatest insights from my career thus far. I hope my journey will make yours easier.
The Most Important Part of Leadership... That's Rarely Discussed - Leadership success has more to do with our character than our skills.
Bite an Elephant Today - This post is about an idea for accomplishing big things - one step at a time. I took the elephant photo in Kenya.[GLS_Shield]


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