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What Can Leaders Learn from Tim Tebow?

Some of you are Tim Tebow fans and some of you are not – got it. Regardless of your feelings, let’s not miss the chance to learn something here about leadership. Here are a few things I’ve observed watching Tebow this season that have been great reminders for me.
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Passion Matters – The intensity of the team is always a reflection of their leadership. If the leader is not passionate, the team won’t be either. Tim gets this. His passion was a critical ingredient in 6 fourth quarter or overtime victories this season! How high is your passion for what you lead?Leadership Matters – Team sports require leadership. In the NFL, there is an expectation that the quarterback will provide that leadership. Tim has provided leadership for the Broncos. Business, ministry, government and education all require leadership too. If your team is going to win, someone must lead.
Winning Matters – Winning is the ultimate measuring stick in the NFL. Pretty or ugly, it doesn’t matter. Tim knew the goal was winning – not his QB rating. What does a win look like for your team? Is everyone on the same page?
Skill Matters – Tim has a lot to learn as an NFL quarterback. His skills are not where they need to be. Heart, passion and drive are huge – but insufficient over the long haul without the skills. Tim knows that. That’s why he’s so excited about the off-season. He plans to grow before next year. What’s your plan to grow this year?
Influence Matters – When you and I lead well, our influence will grow. One of the things Tim does is host disabled young people at both home and away games. He says that it inspires HIM to see their courage and helps him keep the game in perspective. How will you steward your influence?
I look forward to watching Tim and the Broncos in 2012 – I still have a lot to learn… to be continued


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Barbara Triplett

10 years ago

Wonderful blog! Really enjoyed this one about leadership!


10 years ago

Tim is a great leader. That was the difference in the turn around in the Broncos season. The first QB Kyle Orton has great NFL type QB stats. The year before he threw for over 4000 yards but the Broncos were not in the playoffs. Begining of this year more of the same. Tim takes the helm & the Broncos go from talking about a #1 draft pick aka “the Andrew Luck sweepstakes” to talking about how to beat the Steelers & then the Patriots in the Playoffs. Playoffs??? How did this happen? Not with great skill but with great leadership first. Next year he will mix both 🙂


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