What Does America REALLY Want in a President?

To tell the truth, I’ve not been focused on the presidential elections. However, as the date draws closer, and the rhetoric increases, I’ve begun to wonder: What does America REALLY want in a President? My conclusion, I have no idea what America wants. I do know what I want.

First, I want a Leader. You might have guessed that since I believe everything rises and falls on leadership… America is no exception. You may be thinking that’s a lot of pressure to put on one man or woman. It is. That’s why the decision we’ll make in November matters more than we want to imagine.
I also want a Servant Leader. No surprise here either. However, this is easier to say than to deliver. America needs a leader who is motivated by a desire to serve others – not to serve themselves. I pray we can elect a President with this motivation.
Our next President also needs Skills. Can this individual actually lead? This may sound bizarre, but I’m convinced that the skills needed to get elected are not the same ones needed to lead a nation. Certainly there is some overlap, but visionary leadership is not the same as a good vision speech. As Warren Bennis says about great leaders, they can “turn vision into reality – and sustain it!” That requires skills.
Finally, I want a leader with Character. I guess I should have mentioned this first.  If our future President doesn’t have Character, the rest doesn’t matter.  I love the way Peter Drucker described the importance of character, “The quality of character does not make the leader, but the absence flaws the entire process.” Unfortunately, if we elect someone with deep character issues, it will “flaw” their entire presidency and perhaps our nation.
What do you want to be true about our next President?


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