Greatness Hinges on Execution

The best organizations in the world distinguish themselves in the arena of execution. It always has been, and always will be, foundational to long-term sustained greatness. It is really a simple idea: if you cannot execute consistently, greatness will remain a haunting mirage - always in sight, always out of reach.

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All High Performance Organizations understand and pursue a universal truth…

Greatness hinges on Execution.

During our research, we discovered the path to high performance is certainly multi-dimensional. The other moves we found: Bet on Leadership, Act as One and Win the Heart are the enablers – the payoff is the ability to consistently Excel at Execution.
As with the previous moves, we found numerous best practices that help organizations move into the rare air of high performance. These practices are the core of the Chess Not Checkers Field Guide I co-authored with Randy Gravitt. The best practice for today’s post is foundational for organizations serious about execution - they must Master the Fundamentals.
Here’s an excerpt from the field guide:
Anytime you find a High Performance Organization, you can be certain they know what their fundamentals are and have spent hours honing their craft.
One of their best practices is the attempt to Master the Fundamentals. Champions recognize discipline and repetition are valuable tools to give them a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, many organizations lose sight of the power of fundamentals and never reach their potential.
There is a reason renowned musicians spend endless hours practicing their scales, and big league ballplayers take thousands of cuts in a batting cage hoping to find that perfect swing. Great mathematicians work hundreds of problems, and gymnasts practically live on a balance beam. Yes, the great ones are obsessed with practice. Why … because practice defuses pressure and positions a person, or group, for greatness.
The best of the best are able to respond when the lights are brightest and the exams are hardest, not only because of their talent and brains but primarily their preparation. Rather than approaching practice dreading the drudgery, they focus on the fundamentals and strive for perfection.
Have you taken the time to identify the fundamentals of your business? If so, have you challenged your people to strive for mastery at all levels of the organization? Do you have a systematic process in place to practice those things that are critical to your success?
If you want to raise your organization’s level of performance, start by focusing on the fundamentals and then hit the gym and go to work. When discipline and repetition become a vital part of your focus, you and your organization will be well on your way to sustained excellence.[GLS_Shield]


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