High Performance Organizations Create Clarity

High Performance Organizations do things lesser performing organizations don't - today's post is a perfect example. HPOs create clarity on what's important throughout the enterprise. The fact that clarity is so illusive in many organizations is a mystery unto itself. Organizations lack clarity not for it's inherent difficulty, rather for the diligence required from leadership. A lack in clarity is a lack of leadership.
To create clarity is essential if an organization hopes to Act as One. The following is how Randy Gravitt and I introduced this best practice in the Chess Not Checkers Field Guide.
For those who wear corrective lenses, there isn’t much better than receiving your first pair of glasses or contacts. Objects become clear and the quality of life improves when an optometrist helps a patient dial in their vision. In the same way, when a leader creates clarity in an organization, team members are excited once they recognize how they can contribute to success. On the flip side, a lack of clarity can keep a team mired in endless mediocrity.
When people come together around a shared mission, they gain a huge competitive advantage.tweet_birdHowever, being unified around the wrong ideology will do nothing more than lead you together down a wrong road. The teams that make a difference and create lasting impact are more than cohesive. They also possess clarity around the right ideas. They galvanize around a compelling vision and mission, have a core set of beliefs that keep them on the right path. As a leader, your job is to make sure everyone is on the same page and headed in the same direction. The longer you stay on the wrong road, the further you get from your intended destination.
Clarity takes time and intentional focus. When you are able to cut through the fog and Create Clarity, confusion is minimized and an advantage is gained that propels the team to the next level. By crafting a compelling vision, establishing shared goals, and creating and implementing a plan to communicate them, you position your team to work together in powerful ways.
Clarity is available to any organization, including yours. But your leadership team will be required to make the commitment to Create Clarity. Are you ready to make that decision?[GLS_Shield]


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