You Get No Credit for Doing the Wrong Things Well

I’m thankful to say that we’ve been able to assemble a great team at the Chick-fil-A home office. Like many of you, we’ve selected men and women of integrity with a strong work ethic, who also do amazing work. The challenge, especially if you have a team of superstars, is not that they’ll do bad work – it’s that they’ll do the wrong work extremely well!
My staff has heard me say over and over and over again, “You get no credit for doing the wrong things well.” As leaders, we’ve got to do everything we can to ensure our organization is working on the right things.
How do you avoid doing the wrong things well? The first defense: a well-conceived plan. If you bring the right people together and engage them in an appropriate process, your chances drastically improve that you can stay focused on the right activities to drive both individual accomplishment and organizational success.
In addition to helping the organization stay focused on the right activities, there are many other reasons I’m a big fan of planning. Other benefits of having a plan include:

Plans help organizations better steward their resources: people, time, energy and dollars

When plans are in place, accountability and execution improve

Plans help people and the organization produce better results

People look for direction from leaders – planning is the perfect forum to provide direction

Planning contributes to alignment - alignment promotes synergy - synergy enhances results

Your competition is planning whether you are or not

Over the next few weeks, I’ll write several more posts on planning. It is a critical topic for leaders. We not only need to understand it, but because it is mission-critical, we should be active participants in the process. There’s little else you and I can do to add as much value for our organizations. We must allocate time today to ensure that there is a better tomorrow.[GLS_Shield]


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