Reviews For The Heart of Leadership

As you know, I'm celebrating the launch of my new book this week. I'm grateful for many bloggers, friends, and influencers who are sharing  The Heart of Leadership. Though we are only mid-way through the week, I am really excited about the feedback.
So many of you have written Amazon reviews, shared on your blogs or by social media about your excitement for The Heart of Leadership. It is great to read your takeaways and perspective on the book. Here are some examples...
In his Amazon review, Robert Morris wrote, "In my opinion, this is Mark Miller's most important and most valuable book...thus far."
Todd Weber shares in his Goodreads review, "I resonated with one of the central themes of the book that leadership character matters more than leadership skills. As we grow deeper in character, the necessary skill mastery will come in time. It is true that we’ve seen too many highly skilled leaders derail themselves by their lack of character. Miller reminds us not to put the cart before the horse."
Sean Glaze of Great Results Team Building says, " Great leaders ARE different - and The Heart of Leadership offers an entertaining explanation of how you and those on your team can experience intentional growth in whichever character area you may now be neglecting."
I'm also appreciative of the many journalists who have shared the book for news outlets such as Matt Tenney for The Huffington Post. I invite you to check out our video interview on Matt's blog The Ultimate Leaders. It was a lot of fun!
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for a stellar start to the week. It is because of you that The Heart of Leadership is touching so many already.[GLS_Shield]
What have you learned from the book that you will pass along to others?



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