Today's Challenge: The Survey Says...

As many of you know, each Friday I answer a question submitted by a reader. Several weeks ago, I asked you to complete a survey to help me improve this site. Today, I’ll answer the question some of you have asked, “What did the survey say?”

I want to start by saying thanks to all of you who participated. Now, here’s a quick summary of what you said...

  • Most of you are men between the ages of 35 – 64. If you have women and young leaders in your sphere of influence, I’d appreciate it if you’d share this site with them.
  • More than half of you are in senior management.
  • You like the length of the posts. I’ll continue to share my thoughts in a single page.
  •  You asked me to try to create a greater sense of community among my readers. I love the idea - I’m still thinking about how to do this.
  • You suggested I include more video. I’m considering this. In case you didn’t know, on my resource page you can find a dozen short (3 – 4 min) videos addressing numerous topics.
  • You’re torn over frequency. The right answer appears to be somewhere between one post a week and three. No one is asking for five days a week.
  • It also seems like more personal stories would be appreciated. I’ll try to share more of them when it makes sense.

This site is for you. My commitment is to make it as helpful as possible. Your encouraging words and your suggestions are greatly appreciated. If you find value in what you find here, please pass it on. [GLS_Shield]

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