Will You Help Me Title My New Book?

The last time I asked for your help, the response was amazing! It was about 18 months ago, I sent out a post very similar to this one. Hundreds of readers responded and you overwhelmingly selected The Heart of Leadership as the title for my last book. Thanks for your assistance in the process and your support of the book since its release! Today, I’m delighted to tell you, I’m working diligently on my next book. Here’s a quick overview...

Leadership has never been easy. The growing complexity in our world is making the challenge even more difficult. To thrive, leaders must think and act differently. This book is every leader’s guide to this new reality. 
In the business fable format of my previous books, Blake Brown is a new, struggling CEO, overwhelmed by employees with low engagement, declining sales and a lackluster leadership team. His new mentor, Jack Deluca, a retired CEO and chess grandmaster, helps Blake look at his challenges with new eyes.
Drawing on his extensive knowledge of chess and business, Jack uses the metaphor of playing “chess not checkers” to help leaders utilize the unique abilities of each employee, spur strategic thinking throughout the organization, and think ahead, not just to the next move, but to the moves after that and the moves of the competition.
As the story continues, Blake learns how to apply this new “chess-not-checkers” mentality to four major priorities for creating a high performance organization: leadership development, organizational alignment, employee engagement and disciplined execution.
This book will help leaders successfully navigate the complexities they face while producing the results they’ve always dreamed of. 
With that summary, here’s where you come in – we are scheduled to begin production immediately for a March 2015 release. If you would please take 2 minutes and complete a 7-question survey, it would be extremely helpful. Here's the link to the survey:


If you want to pass the survey on to friends and co-workers, please do. The overview above is repeated on the survey to make sharing easier.
We need all surveys completed no later than 10:00 a.m. PST on Friday, June 13th.
Thanks for your help![GLS_Shield]


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