Resistance is the Enemy - Part 2

You know what you should do and yet time and time again there is an unseen force that stops you in your tracks – it is Resistance. In my previous post I began to unpack some of the signs and manifestations of Resistance: excuses, blame, procrastination, rationalization and fear. Today, a few more of the telltale marks of the enemy…
Resistance moves against all that is good – If you are debating sitting on the couch vs. working at the homeless shelter, get ready for a full court press from resistance. However, if you are considering the opposite: I think I’ll quit working at the shelter to play video games, resistance will be nowhere to be found.
Resistance makes finishing hard – How many projects have you failed to finish in your life? Resistance often makes only a casual appearance at the beginning. However, when you are faced with the last draft of your novel or the final decisions concerning a new strategy, expect resistance to be fully present. The finish line is resistance’s last stand.
Resistance fosters unhappiness – When we succumb to the forces of resistance, we are not living or leading at our full potential – and we know it. Who is happy about that? Not me. [tweet_box design="default"]The more resistance wins in our lives and our leadership the more elusive happiness will become.[/tweet_box]
Resistance plays small – If you have big dreams, brace yourself, resistance will be strong. One of its strategies may be for you to “be sensible” and right-size your dreams. If resistance can’t stop you, it will attempt to reduce your impact. Don’t start a non-profit organization to change the world; just write a small check to a worthy cause.
Resistance creates self-doubt – This is a form of fear. If you are going to do anything of significance, anything bold, and certainly if you are about to embark on something never done before, it’s okay to have SOME self-doubt. Resistance wants to multiply that doubt to paralyze you.
Wow, what a list!
You may be thinking, “I already knew this.” Of course you did. You’ve experienced all of these in the course of your daily life. Resistance is real!
Resistance is why the world needs leaders. Leaders overcome Resistance and lead others to do the same. Without leadership, Resistance wins – and the world loses. You and I must battle Resistance and prevail before we can fully serve those around us. I’ll share thoughts on how we can approach the challenge in my next post.[GLS_Shield]


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