Time for a Mid-Year Checkup

When thinking about our annual plans, I have long been an advocate for on-going assessment and adjustments. However, I still think there’s value in a deliberate mid-point checkup. Today I want to share some of the checkup questions I’m asking myself six months into 2013.
Before I get to the questions, a few words to frame the issue of personal plans seems appropriate…
Plans are to serve us not the other way around.
Plans are to help us maximize our influence and our opportunities. If your plan doesn’t do that, you need to change it.
Success may not be 100% completion of your plan. If that’s what success looked like, we could all set the bar so low we’d be a “success.”
Success is you looking back and saying my plan helped me grow and contribute at a higher level.
The truth is we tend to overvalue plans and undervalue today. Use your plan to make your todays more fruitful.
Executing your plans is hard, but that’s where the value lies. Peter Drucker may have had it right… again. He said it like this:

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."

So, how are you doing with your 2013 plan? Here are my top 10 mid-year questions:
1. Where am I relative to my plan? On track or off track?
2. Which portions of my plan are unfolding as envisioned?
3. What’s not worked so well and why?
4. Based on what I know today, should I consider amending my plan ?
5. Do I need to make adjustments in my goals? If so, what does that look like?
6. Do I need to make adjustments to my calendar?
7. What do I want to be sure to accomplish in the next six months?
8. Are there goals or activities in my current plan I want to eliminate?
9. What grade would I give myself here at the mid-term?
10. What do I need to change to bring up my year-end grade?
Planning makes us think; planning helps us be more strategic and more deliberate. Well-conceived personal plans can help us be better stewards of what’s been entrusted to us.
With that in mind, still hold your plan loosely. Don’t become a prisoner to your plan. Think deeply about what you want to accomplish and who you want to become – then jump in and have fun![GLS_Shield]


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