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The Key to Greater Impact

As I wrote this title, I wondered, “Is this true? Is there really a single “key” to greater impact? Should I choose different language?” Here’s what I know: I’ve been looking for ways to better steward my leadership for almost four decades. Some days I feel I get it right, other times I feel I’ve failed miserably. Through it all, this one idea surfaces again and again.

Today's Challenge: Catalytic Meetings

Most meetings are useless. I’m guessing the more meetings you attend the more you’ll agree with that statement. Think about the REAL value of the last five meetings you attended. How much action was initiated or change realized as a result? That’s the topic of Today’s Challenge: How can we generate more action as a result of our meetings?

Today's Challenge: Sticky Systems

Every leader I know is pursuing excellence in his or her arena. Consistent execution is the final hall pass on the path to greatness. Systems make excellence predictable. However, systems only work when we work them. Today’s question is from a leader who asked: “How do we make new systems stick?”

Today's Challenge: Leading a Turnaround

Leadership challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Think about your career – if you’ve been leading long, you’ve probably encountered people issues, organizational issues, startup opportunities, and one of my favorites – the turnaround. Today’s Challenge: Are different leadership skills needed to orchestrate a turnaround?


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