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Want to Make Alignment Easier? Staff with Eagles

While writing Chess Not Checkers, it became clear early in the process to create the type of organization that could win consistently, it would be critical for people to Act as One. However, a new insight surfaced along the way - It is much easier to align the "right people." This simple observation, witnessed time and time again, compelled us to add Staff with Eagles as one of the best practices of High Performance Organizations.

Purpose Matters

From time to time, I have the opportunity to help a team, business or non-profit agency answer the question: Why do we exist? I’m always delighted to help, but the irony is that I never know the answer to the question. All I can do is poke, prod and ask a few questions along the way.

Time Management is Not the Issue

A leaders' time is their most important asset. If we are effective as leaders, where we invest our time yields a return. However, many leaders, myself included, have often pursued a different path. We chased the holy grail of improving our time management skills. We were wrong.


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