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Have You Identified Your Core Convictions?

When my crazy brain looks at the word conviction, I cannot help but break it down. The first half of the word, CONVICT, causes me to think of a jail cell.

There are a few things I am certain I do not want to do. First on the list is I have no desire to ever be in prison.

But as a leader, the truth is, your core convictions do have you in jail. If you really think about it, you are tethered to your convictions like a boat tied to a dock.

Identifying your core (core is an important part - think abs / gut) conviction is vital if you want to lead with integrity. Once you begin to stray, weakness comes knocking.

As you look ahead, make sure you are locked in on your non-negotiable's and that they keep you imprisoned. You'll be a better leader.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What are three nonnegotiable's that guide you as a leader? 

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One Word... Diversity

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