Plan to Focus

In a recent post, Big Rocks First, I mentioned Focus Days as something I put on the calendar well in advance of the day-to-day activities that cry out for my time. I’ve been asked to say more about Focus Days. What are they? Why are they important to me?

Stop Setting Goals...

If you read my last post, 8 Reasons to Set Goals, this title may seem confusing. Well, my friend Bobb Biehl has written a great book entitled, Stop Setting Goals… If You’d Rather Solve Problems. Bobb realized years ago that not everyone is a goal setter. And, there are some people who are not energized at all by the pursuit of goals established by others. As a leader, what do you do if:  A) That’s you? B) You have some of these people on your team?

8 Reasons to Set Goals

I enjoyed meeting with my new team for two days this week. It’s an exciting time – lots of opportunity, lots of unanswered questions. One of our conversations was about our goals. As we talked, I was reminded why I love setting goals.


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