Today's Challenge: What Do Leaders Do?

How many times are you tempted to answer a question with a question? This is actually a good leadership practice. The more we help others think, the better for everyone involved. I want to answer today’s question, “How many people can I lead?” with a question, “What do you think leaders do?” Your answer to my question may help you answer yours.

Today's Challenge: My Boss is Not Engaged

This is the next installment in the weekly series on questions and issues you send my way. Today’s question is one I’m thankful to say, I’ve never personally experienced. However, I know the situation well. Today’s Challenge: What do I do when my boss is disengaged?

The Critical Role of Team Leader

In my book, The Secret of Teams, I advocate for a higher form of team – a high performance team. In this approach to leading an organization, the role of the leader is transformed. She or he is still actively involved in the business but is engaged differently. What should a leader do in a high performance team environment? Here’s a look at some of the things you'll want to consider.


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