How to Make the Difficult Look Easy

The sign of a professional is someone who makes the difficult look easy. This can be said in many walks of life. It can also be said of leaders. Have you ever seen a leader who was able to bring out the best from every member of his or her organization and make it appear effortless? I have…

Dealing with Different … 6 Ways to Embrace Change: Part 6

OK ... now that you've shown courage, checked your heart at the door, anticipated adventure, negotiated as necessary, and even grieved what you left, there is one thing left to do. 

Engage with the next stage.


Simply put, lean in. Too often leaders go kicking and screaming when it comes to change. The effects are tragic. I'm serious. What good does it do you in the long run to resist change? Resistance only slows things down, keeps you stuck, and causes you to hurt your own career. Engagement will energize your effort and propel you to greater impact.

The best leaders are on the leading edge of change. They recognize it as an ongoing reality, not only tolerating it, but learning, stretching, growing, and ultimately thriving in the midst of the chaos. 

For the past couple of weeks we have pushed on this topic of change. I wish there was some rah-rah-happy-speech I could give you to make it easier. But the truth is, different is difficult and you are going to have to deal with it until you die. Refusal will surely accelerate irrelevance.

When it comes to dealing with different, if you intend to be a great leader ...

C - hoose courage over comfort

H - ave the right heart

A - nticipate an adventure

N - egotiate as necessary

G - rieve what you leave

E - ngage in the next stage

You can too. Go ahead. Lean in and engage with the next stage. You'll be a better leader. And on the bright side, if you don't like it, I'm sure change will be just around the corner.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Which of the "6 ways of Dealing with Different" listed above is currently the most challenging for you?

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