What's In Your Future?

Leaders are paid to see the future. As I’ve written before, seeing the unseen is at the core of our job description. However, we also live with the on-going awareness the future we see doesn’t exist yet; but we know it can, if we build it.

Today's Challenge: Low Cost Development

Leaders are resourceful – this should not be confused with full of resources. Often it is our ingenuity, creativity, tenacity or even our stubbornness that enables us to accomplish what other might perceive to be impossible. Today’s Challenge question is from a leader who is not “full of resources.” Her budget for developing people is extremely low – what should she do?

Today's Challenge: Outsourcing

Each week, I respond to a question I’ve been asked by another leader. Over the last couple of years, I’ve commented on a wide array of topics. Today’s question surfaces a controversial topic… Why are you a fan of outsourcing?


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