Mind Maps: A Swiss Army Knife for Your Brain

In a recent post, I mentioned that I had created a mind map of my annual plan. This reference combined with several comments prompted me to share a few thoughts on mind mapping. It is an extremely powerful, multi-purpose tool. I’ve described it before as a Swiss army knife for the brain.

5 Tips to Help Your Team Be More Creative

In today’s challenging economic times, creative thinking is more valuable than ever. Not creative for creativity’s sake – creativity to solve real business problems. Many of the ideas of the past are no longer relevant. As a seasoned leader shared with me recently, “The half-life of ideas is decreasing rapidly.” So what’s our response?

Yes...You Can Be Creative!

I’m amazed how many leaders I encounter who say, “I’m not creative.” When I hear this, it actually energizes me, because EVERY human being on the planet has the seeds of creativity within them. After studying and practicing the disciplines of creativity for over 30 years, I’ve concluded that the realization of this untapped potential is only three steps away.


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