Make Your Presentations Memorable (Part 1)

As leaders, virtually every time we make a presentation, to a large audience or small, we have the opportunity to reinforce critical strategic priorities. The choice is ours. Is our message clear? Are we consistent? Is our message compelling? Is it memorable?

The First 7 Minutes

Last week, I wrote about the importance of the First 7 Seconds of a presentation. I stand by that idea – first impressions are formed quickly, and they can set the tone for all that follows. However, if the first 7 seconds are critical to earn a hearing, the first 7 minutes may determine if your message makes a difference.

The First 7 Seconds

Many years ago, I read a book, You Are the Message by Roger Ailes, that was extremely helpful to me as a communicator. Although originally published in 1989, it is still in print. Of all the many useful concepts Ailes presents, none is more important than "the first 7 seconds."

The First Step in Creating a Great Presentation

How many presentations have you heard in your life and afterwards your first response was, “What was that about?” I’m guessing you’ve had this experience too many times to count. How does this happen? Didn’t the presenter prepare? Most often, the answer is yes – he or she did prepare. However, they missed what I believe is the most important question any communicator should ask and answer BEFORE they begin creating the talk, “What is the target?”


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