Ugh... I Made a Bad Decision

How often are you wrong as a leader? Let’s not kid ourselves; we’re not perfect. We make a lot of bad decisions over the course of our career. I’m dealing with a situation now in which I made a bad call – it happens. What do you do when you miss it? Your answer to this question will have a tremendous impact on your long-term success as a leader!

How Do You Keep Your Boss From Making a Bad Decision?

Sometimes, I make bad decisions. I hate it, but I still do it. Not intentionally, of course. But for any number of reasons, my batting average is far less than perfect. Now, I feel better having stated the obvious; however, this post is about a slightly different view of this issue – how do you keep your boss from making a bad decision?

Today's Challenge: Big Decisions

In Great Leaders Grow, Ken Blanchard and I provided some sample questions you might consider asking of a more seasoned leader. I received a request from a reader to answer those questions. I’ll do that over the next few weeks. Today’s Challenge: What decisions in your life have made the greatest contributions to your success?


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