High Performance Organizations Build the Bench

The Chess Not Checkers project set out to discover the "secrets" of High Performance Organizations (HPO). Our team spent years to determine what separates the best from all the rest. In the end, we identified four primary "moves" all HPOs make... They Bet on Leadership, Act as One, Win the Heart and Excel at Execution. But, this was not enough; we wanted to know HOW they do these things so well. The answers lie in their "Best Practices." Today we explore one of those practices - HPOs Build the Bench!

Are Your People All In?

Think of a time you were all in. Perhaps it was on a sports team, or a cheerleading squad; maybe you were serving as a volunteer in your community; or maybe it was at work. Have you ever considered why you were so fired up? It was no accident.

Today's Challenge: Developing Leaders

One of the most strategic opportunities you and I have is to help other leaders grow. Our Today’s Challenge question is the second one from my recent trip to Birmingham – What’s most important for a leader to keep in mind when investing in an emerging leader?


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