One-Page Bias

How do you like for people to communicate with you? Have you ever thought about it? After some brief reflection, it was clear to me: I have a one-page bias. I receive information best when it has been distilled down to its essence. Here’s something else I’ve discovered over the years: a lot of other people share this same bias.

7 Ways to Move People to Action

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that the best leaders know how to close the sale – they are able to move people to action. It seems like the “action” is almost always preceded by a call to action. How good are you at this critical part of leadership?

Communication Matters!

One of the most powerful tools a leader has at his or her disposal is the ability to communicate well. How many times have you seen the battle speech in Braveheart? Or, Dr. King’s, I have a dream? Communication matters! I’m no William Wallace or Martin Luther King, but that doesn’t matter. Leaders must learn to communicate well.


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