The Most Obvious Thing Most Leaders Miss

If there is one theme that emerges over the almost 500 posts I’ve written it would be this: leadership, done well, is challenging. That’s one of the reasons writing 500-word posts is extremely difficult – I don’t want to provide simple answers to complex issues. However, today is one of the rare exceptions. I want to provide an easy way to improve performance in almost any setting: Share the Score.

How Do You Increase a Person's "Want To?"

What makes some people care more about their work than others? This is a question leaders have probably been asking since the beginning of time. I believe the answer is multi-faceted – some factors may even be unknowable. However, one element guaranteed to increase a person’s “want to” is ownership. And, the more people have a sense of shared ownership, the more remarkable the results.

Today's Challenge: Keeping Your Bench Engaged

One of our discoveries as we studied High Performance Organizations was the strength and depth of their leadership bench. This is not an easy task to accomplish. As we began sharing this idea with other leaders, a question quickly emerged: How do you keep those on the bench engaged?

Win The Heart

In Chess Not Checkers, I wrote about the most misunderstood and overlooked facet of creating a High Performance Organization: Win the Heart. Leaders mistakenly believe the “soft stuff” will derail their efforts to achieve the organization’s goals – nothing could be further from the truth!


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