Three Things Every Leader Should Do

I’ve been trying to learn to lead for decades (I still am) - and I’ve been trying to help other leaders grow for almost as long. One of my mistakes early in my career was a myopic focus on the skills of leadership to the exclusion of my character as a leader. Today, I understand the importance of both.

It's Showtime! Preparing for a Big Event

I leave today for our annual meeting. It’s an event I’ve had the privilege to work on for many years. It’s a small, intimate gathering with about 4,000 members of the Chick-fil-A organization. How do you prepare for big events? Here are some of the keys I’ve found helpful over the years.

What Do You Do With Feedback?

I’m reading a fascinating book, Practice Perfect. The sub-title is what captured my attention: 42 Rules to Get Better at Getting Better. That’s all I needed to read to buy the book. Admittedly, I’m a continuous improvement junkie - leaders usually are.

5 Things You Should Do For Everyone You Lead

As I shared in Monday’s post, I believe the best leaders consider one of their primary roles to be the development of others. This is a strategy of multiplication. It is not only scaleable, it is one of the keys to sustainability for an organization. It’s also a beautiful picture of a leader constantly increasing his or her capacity.

No Shortcut to Wisdom

We live in a world that loves speed – our computers, our microwaves, our cars, texting is quicker than a call and tweets are quicker than a text. We’re always looking for a faster way – and leaders are the worst offenders! In Great Leaders GROW, Ken Blanchard and I outline four strategies for leaders who want to become leaders for life. The fourth of these is Walk Toward Wisdom – and it is not a text or a tweet, it's a life-long pursuit.


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