Today's Challenge: Finish the Drill

Finish the drill” is a phrase many athletic coaches have adopted to remind their team: victory lies at the end of the activity. This mantra not only helps sports teams, it can help me and you have a more fulfilling and productive life. Today’s Challenge question comes from a leader who asks: How do I follow-through (finish) on my goals?

How Important is Planning... Really?

At this stage in the growth of our organization, it feels like we are in perpetual planning mode. We literally have planning meetings at least 9 months out of every year! Not only have we been working on our 2014 plans, we’ve continued to work on our 2020 plans, which we started formulating about 2 years ago.

8 Reasons to Set Goals

I enjoyed meeting with my new team for two days this week. It’s an exciting time – lots of opportunity, lots of unanswered questions. One of our conversations was about our goals. As we talked, I was reminded why I love setting goals.

Skill Players Needed

In some sports, the term “skill player” is used to identify players who have more complex roles… and earn more money. On my team at Chick-fil-A, I need every member to be a skill player. There are two types of skills I’m interested in. Let me explain.


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