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Battling the Unknown

Leaders spend much of our lives contemplating the unknown. We are tasked with, and welcome, the opportunity to create something that does not exist. We are travelers on a trail not yet established. If we are to lead well, we must learn to envision and create the future in the midst of the unknown.

Today's Challenge: Success

Success is a lousy teacher. The best leaders know this and are always on guard against complacency. This week’s question comes from a leader who has just completed a season of success. She is concerned her team won’t stay motivated. Today’s Challenge: How do you keep your team fully engaged in the wake of success?

It's Showtime! Preparing for a Big Event

I leave today for our annual meeting. It’s an event I’ve had the privilege to work on for many years. It’s a small, intimate gathering with about 4,000 members of the Chick-fil-A organization. How do you prepare for big events? Here are some of the keys I’ve found helpful over the years.

Productivity is not the Goal

There’s a lot being written these days about being productive. I read several posts this morning containing ideas on how to Hack Productivity. These articles contained many useful ideas. My concern is that most were about form not substance.


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