Leadership Lessons from India

I was excited to hear recently that my new book, Great Leaders GROW is doing extremely well in India. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and speak in India on two occasions. As with virtually all of my international speaking engagements, I learn much more than I’m able to share during these trips.

4 Ways to Get More Value from Events

What do you do after you attend a great event, lecture or conference? My challenge, and yours, is to be sure the events we attend are not just cotton candy – tastes great – but no long-term nutritional value.

3 Reasons Leaders Fail to Grow

Growth for a leader is like oxygen for a deep-sea diver. Without it – you die. Ken Blanchard and I have been working on a book on this topic entitled, Great Leaders GROW. To most of you reading this, the idea of growth for a leader makes perfect sense. However, many leaders still see personal growth as extracurricular at best; it is something to do if you find extra time, energy and resources.

4 Things You Should Learn More About...

The first of the four strategies that Ken Blanchard and I talk about in Great Leaders GROW is Gain Knowledge. This may seem like the most obvious thing you’ve heard recently – if you want to grow as a leader, you’ve got to gain knowledge – duh?
Well, hold on… it is obvious, but that doesn’t make it automatic or easy. We decided that it might be helpful for some leaders if we put handles on the idea - break it down, make it more specific.


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