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We is Better Than Me

Teams outperform individuals in virtually every situation. This fact has not escaped the attention of most leaders. What has been more elusive is the winning formula for creating great teams. The good news, there is a repeatable and predictable formula for building High Performance Teams.

2015 Global Leadership Summit

Who challenges you to grow as a leader? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you find the latest thinking on the topic of leadership? How do you rekindle your passion to lead?

Four Ways to Stimulate Growth in Others

Engaging and developing others is one of our primary roles as a leader. For some of  us this comes very naturally and for others it is a discipline that must be cultivated. Regardless of the ease or rigor required, the leaders we admire the most figure this out.

Who Needs a Horseless Carriage?

I was extremely reluctant to jump into social media. Like most of you, I was and am very busy. My publisher, my team, my friends and my family all encouraged (pushed) me to take a leap of faith and enter the new millennium! 500 blog posts later, I can honestly say, joining the global conversation on leadership was one of the best decisions of my life.

Today's Challenge: The War for Leadership Talent

Every organization needs leadership - there are only two ways to meet the need: hire them or grow your own. The right answer for most organizations is a combination of these two approaches. Today’s Challenge is from a leader who asked, “How do you attract leaders?”

5 Things I Love About the New Year

I love the beginning of the year! According to my friend Randy Gravitt, I am not alone – many people love beginnings… the first day of baseball season, the beginning of a school year, the start of a marathon – you can feel the electricity in the air, and yes, the beginning of a new year.

Growing a "Small" Company

Have you ever noticed how often the counter-intuitive strategy, or the contrarian view yields the best return? If you’ve not thought about this, maybe today’s post will help. One example is our attempt to grow a small company. Clearly, most leaders are trying to grow a large company – the bigger the better. But what would happen if you could grow a small one?


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