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The Key to Greater Impact

As I wrote this title, I wondered, “Is this true? Is there really a single “key” to greater impact? Should I choose different language?” Here’s what I know: I’ve been looking for ways to better steward my leadership for almost four decades. Some days I feel I get it right, other times I feel I’ve failed miserably. Through it all, this one idea surfaces again and again.

5 Things I Love About the New Year

I love the beginning of the year! According to my friend Randy Gravitt, I am not alone – many people love beginnings… the first day of baseball season, the beginning of a school year, the start of a marathon – you can feel the electricity in the air, and yes, the beginning of a new year.

You're Not Crazy... Leadership Is Hard

Leadership is hard! You may read these words and think: “Is this supposed to be news?” It was to me. As a young leader, I had the misplaced belief that if I learned to lead well, it would be easy. What I’ve discovered - if I learn to lead well, I’ll be more effective and have greater impact, but it still won’t be easy.

Ugh... I Made a Bad Decision

How often are you wrong as a leader? Let’s not kid ourselves; we’re not perfect. We make a lot of bad decisions over the course of our career. I’m dealing with a situation now in which I made a bad call – it happens. What do you do when you miss it? Your answer to this question will have a tremendous impact on your long-term success as a leader!


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