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Today's Challenge: Huh?

Have you ever been confused by a message you received from a leader? Have you ever received mixed messages from leaders in your organization? If your organization has at least two leaders, I’m confident the answer is “yes!’ Today’s Challenge: How do you avoid sending mixed messages throughout your organization?

Today's Challenge: Clarity

Have you ever had the feeling that something in your head or heart was so clear you were convinced it must be clear to others? Only to realize you had deceived yourself, what was crystal clear to you was NOT clear to others. That is the context for today’s question: How do you achieve clarity with your team regarding what’s most important?

Seeing Is Knowing

The higher you go in an organization, the more important it is for you to know the truth… and the harder it is to get. This is not a new phenomenon. Leaders have known this throughout history. Unfortunately, we often forget how important this is. When we do, the organizations we lead are in jeopardy.


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