What's Next on Your Leadership Journey?

Every great leader is on a journey - a long, never-ending quest to serve and grow. Have you ever given much thought to yours? If you have, and you are like most of us, you realize your path has been challenging, exhilarating and even frustrating at times, but it has certainly not been a straight line.

You're Not Crazy... Leadership Is Hard

Leadership is hard! You may read these words and think: “Is this supposed to be news?” It was to me. As a young leader, I had the misplaced belief that if I learned to lead well, it would be easy. What I’ve discovered - if I learn to lead well, I’ll be more effective and have greater impact, but it still won’t be easy.

Big Questions Leaders Ask (Part 1)

As I’ve shared several times over the last couple of years, I’m a huge fan of questions. The more questions I ask, the better I lead. This is a journey I’ve been on my entire career – one I’m still on today. I think about this topic a lot. One of my conclusions: all questions are valuable, but they are not all of equal value.

Where are You on Your Leadership Journey?

Leadership as a journey is probably a tired metaphor. I’m as guilty as the next guy for wearing this out. I not only say it – I believe it! And as with any journey, there are stages or phases you and I consciously consider when planning a family vacation that we often overlook when we think about our leadership.

Today's Challenge: The Leader's Path

As we approach the launch of The Heart of Leadership next week, I received an interesting question: How does the content of this book apply to a leader’s path? Honestly, I hadn’t given much thought to a leader’s path. But I’ve now begun to do so.


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