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Today's Challenge: Biggest Lessons?

Each week, I take one question from a leader somewhere in the world and share my thoughts. Today, like last week, I’ll answer one of the questions I suggested you ask other leaders to accelerate your own development: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned thus far in your career?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Are you a good listener? My fear is that most leaders, including myself, think we are. However, the truth may be far different. I believe without constant effort a leader’s natural tendency is to not listen – or at least not listen well.

The Power of Real Responsibility

Several years ago, Tim Tassopoulos and I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Stephen Covey. When I find myself with thought-leaders, regardless of their field, I always want to ask great questions. On this occasion, Tim beat me to it. He asked Dr. Covey, “How do you create leaders at every level in an organization?”

Storms, Icebergs and Leadership

As I’ve suggested for many years, the iceberg is a great metaphor for leadership… the 10% above the waterline represents the skills of the leader and the 90% below the water represents the character of the leader. In an attempt to learn more about these unique products of nature, I ventured with my family to Antarctica.

Brunch with Edward DeBono

Have you heard of TED? It stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It’s a conference, a community and a platform for sharing ideas that matter. As an attendee, there are many things I love about the event. One of them is the fascinating people you can meet.

Chick-fil-A Leadercast Partnership Opportunities

One of the cool things Chick-fil-A has done in recent years is sponsor the Chick-fil-A Leadercast. It’s really an attempt for us to add value to people’s lives beyond the transactions in our restaurants. We found a great partner in Giant Impact to work with us, and they’ve created a very powerful event. We believe investing in the leaders of the world will pay huge dividends because everything rises and falls on leadership.

Today's Challenge: One Book?

In case you’re new to this site, every Friday, I attempt to respond to a question or issue raised by a leader somewhere in the world. Today, I’ll respond to the question I’ve probably been asked more than any other over the last three decades. Today’s Challenge: If you could recommend just one book, what would you suggest?

3 Reasons Leaders Fail to Grow

Growth for a leader is like oxygen for a deep-sea diver. Without it – you die. Ken Blanchard and I have been working on a book on this topic entitled, Great Leaders GROW. To most of you reading this, the idea of growth for a leader makes perfect sense. However, many leaders still see personal growth as extracurricular at best; it is something to do if you find extra time, energy and resources.

How Big is Your World?

In Great Leaders GROW, Ken Blanchard and I outline four strategies to help leaders grow. The third of these is Open Your World. The metaphor I often use to explain why this is so important for leaders is that of an artist putting paint on a palette. You can only use the paint after it’s on your palette. As we expand our world, we are putting more on our leadership palette. Only then can we create the masterpiece our vision demands.


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