I Think I Know Your Problem...

What do you struggle with as a leader? Based on countless conversations with leaders, I think I know. I didn’t have language to capture all these conversations until recently. Here’s what I think… the number one issue facing many leaders is forgetfulness.

Today's Challenge: Getting Off to a Fast Start

Leaders face obstacles daily, and often, we may not even think much about it. Challenges are just part of what we do. But what about a new leader, what issues does he or she face? Today’s Challenge question is from a leader who writes: What mistakes do you see new leaders make that could be avoided?

Great Leaders Consistently Work on Their Character

Never does a day go by that I don’t think about working on my character.
The truth is, I think about my character even more than I do my conduct. Why? Because, through the years, I have discovered that my character always determines conduct.
Whether you call it character and conduct, or as I like to say, integrity and influence, if you want to change the things you do, look in the mirror and start with who you are.
As a kid, like many of you, whenever it was report card time, my parents would always ask the same question first. “What is your conduct grade?” Never did they ask, “How did you do in math?” Never, “Did you bring up your science grade?”
It was always, “Let me see your conduct grade.”
The reason? They knew my conduct was a reflection of my character.
So how is your conduct grade these days?
The answer to that question is not simply a reflection of what you do. It is an indicator of who you are.
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Why not start with the one in the mirror and work on your character today? I know I plan to.
Leadership Begins at Home,
What happens when leaders focus more on conduct than they do character?
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Resistance is the Enemy - Part 2

You know what you should do and yet time and time again there is an unseen force that stops you in your tracks – it is Resistance. In my previous post I began to unpack some of the signs and manifestations of Resistance: excuses, blame, procrastination, rationalization and fear. Today, a few more of the telltale marks of the enemy…

Resistance is the Enemy

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us.” These words appear early in Stephen Pressfield’s classic book, The War of Art. Unless you consider yourself an artist or creative person of sorts, you’ve probably not read this book - as a leader, you should.

4 Principles for a Better Life

Have you started working on your annual plan for 2016? One of my personal disciplines each year is to not only create a plan for the upcoming year, but to also assess what worked and what didn’t from the current year and attempt to improve the process.

I Hate It When I Do That...

The right question can unlock a world of possibility and insight. I recently sought counsel from an amazing consultant named Mark Levy to help me think deeply about some issues. One of his many strengths is asking great questions. This post is a response to one of his queries... What is it you don’t like about leadership?

2015 Global Leadership Summit

Who challenges you to grow as a leader? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you find the latest thinking on the topic of leadership? How do you rekindle your passion to lead?

Battling the Unknown

Leaders spend much of our lives contemplating the unknown. We are tasked with, and welcome, the opportunity to create something that does not exist. We are travelers on a trail not yet established. If we are to lead well, we must learn to envision and create the future in the midst of the unknown.


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