Benchmarking or Industrial Tourism?

Over the years, some of my greatest learning has come from benchmarking successful organizations. While visiting FEDEX we learned about their Leadership Index; at Google and Pixar we learned about creating work space to fuel collaboration and creativity; from Disney we learned about the power of vision and values; from a visit to Starbucks, I saw first hand: aligned communication starts at the top. My list of learnings could fill an entire post. Here's my point: benchmarking is powerful - when done well.

Germany 7 - Brazil 1

I don’t follow soccer closely. However, it’s hard not to get sucked in to the global phenomenon called the World Cup. Nor is it possible to miss the significance of a margin of victory of 6 points in a game where ONE goal is like finding a four-leaf clover. And, it’s hard to escape the fact Brazil had not lost a competitive match on home soil in 39 years – unbelievable!

What Do You Do When There's Nothing You Can Do?

Leaders love making things happen. We love to challenge existing boundaries and attack the status quo. We make our living creating the future. What happens when you encounter a situation in which there’s nothing you can do?

Golf and Leadership

I had the opportunity to play in a golf event to raise money for a good cause. The course was amazing, the weather was perfect and I was playing with my son. What could be better? The only thing missing was a consistent golf swing.

Today's Challenge: Making Mentoring Work

Virtually every week, I respond to a question submitted by a reader. I call the series, Today’s Challenge. If you’re interested in past questions, and my responses, I’ve created a category on the sidebar to help you. Today’s question is: How do you make mentoring work?

Ugh... I Made a Bad Decision

How often are you wrong as a leader? Let’s not kid ourselves; we’re not perfect. We make a lot of bad decisions over the course of our career. I’m dealing with a situation now in which I made a bad call – it happens. What do you do when you miss it? Your answer to this question will have a tremendous impact on your long-term success as a leader!


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