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Time for a Mid-Year Checkup

When thinking about our annual plans, I have long been an advocate for on-going assessment and adjustments. However, I still think there’s value in a deliberate mid-point checkup. Today I want to share some of the checkup questions I’m asking myself six months into 2013.

Take Back Your Life

I seem to be busier than ever before – how about you? I’ve always been busy, but I’ve got a check in my spirit that tells me I’ve slipped from busy into hurry. Busy, hurry, what’s the difference? Busy is about your calendar, hurry is about your heart.

It's Time for a Checkup

It’s July – summer is in full bloom. For many of us this means vacations with the family, cookouts on the back deck, long days of fun and yard work. In my life, summer is also a catalyst for my mid-year checkup – not a physical checkup, something more personal, a Life Plan checkup.


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