11 Things I Believe About Leadership

I want to live my life on purpose. As part of my on-going attempt to do so, each year about this time, I look back at the previous twelve months. This assessment, if done well, can inform my decisions about the upcoming year. However, every annual review also surfaces gaps in my life and leadership.

The Best Planning Question Ever...

The fourth quarter every year is always challenging for me. Not because of year-end deadlines or goals I’m striving to nail before the annual clock strikes midnight – the challenge is preparing for the upcoming year.

I Hate It When I Do That...

The right question can unlock a world of possibility and insight. I recently sought counsel from an amazing consultant named Mark Levy to help me think deeply about some issues. One of his many strengths is asking great questions. This post is a response to one of his queries... What is it you don’t like about leadership?

Choose Greatness

Did you take Latin in high school or college? Unfortunately, I did not – nor did I take Spanish, French or German. My counselors thought it best I focus on English. Decades later, I’m still working on it!

Why Some Leaders Struggle

One of the reasons I’m excited about my new book, The Heart of Leadership, is my belief it can help a lot of leaders whose careers are stalled. Granted, the reasons leaders struggle can be multi-faceted. In some cases, a leader's challenges are out of his or her control – I get that. However, most often, I believe leaders make their own future.

What Do You Do For Fun?

My passion and my calling is to encourage and equip leaders. So, why would I write a post built around the question, “What do you do for fun?” Well, my motive is multi-faceted. I have four reasons. The first is not strategic at all, hopefully, the other three are.

The Heart of Leadership: Hunger for Wisdom

As I referenced in my post last week on The Heart of Leadership, I believe there are five core leadership character traits that set leaders apart from those they lead. Unlike more common character traits like integrity, honesty and loyalty, the traits I’m referring to are what enable a leader to lead. They shape who the leader is as a person and also drive their day-to-day actions. Today, let’s go a little deeper on one of those traits - Hunger for Wisdom.


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