Stop Setting Goals...

If you read my last post, 8 Reasons to Set Goals, this title may seem confusing. Well, my friend Bobb Biehl has written a great book entitled, Stop Setting Goals… If You’d Rather Solve Problems. Bobb realized years ago that not everyone is a goal setter. And, there are some people who are not energized at all by the pursuit of goals established by others. As a leader, what do you do if:  A) That’s you? B) You have some of these people on your team?

5 Tips to Help Your Team Be More Creative

In today’s challenging economic times, creative thinking is more valuable than ever. Not creative for creativity’s sake – creativity to solve real business problems. Many of the ideas of the past are no longer relevant. As a seasoned leader shared with me recently, “The half-life of ideas is decreasing rapidly.” So what’s our response?


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