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Can You Lead?

Every follower deserves a leader who can actually lead. As important as it is to Start with the Heart, leadership character alone is insufficient. Last week I began to unpack the four critical domains of leadership beginning with our ability to Lead Self. Today, we’ll focus on the one which gets the most attention – the skills needed to lead well. 

I Hate It When I Do That...

The right question can unlock a world of possibility and insight. I recently sought counsel from an amazing consultant named Mark Levy to help me think deeply about some issues. One of his many strengths is asking great questions. This post is a response to one of his queries... What is it you don’t like about leadership?

2015 Global Leadership Summit

Who challenges you to grow as a leader? Where do you go for inspiration? Where do you find the latest thinking on the topic of leadership? How do you rekindle your passion to lead?

Choose Greatness

Did you take Latin in high school or college? Unfortunately, I did not – nor did I take Spanish, French or German. My counselors thought it best I focus on English. Decades later, I’m still working on it!

Why Some Leaders Struggle

One of the reasons I’m excited about my new book, The Heart of Leadership, is my belief it can help a lot of leaders whose careers are stalled. Granted, the reasons leaders struggle can be multi-faceted. In some cases, a leader's challenges are out of his or her control – I get that. However, most often, I believe leaders make their own future.

If You Want to Lead Well...

Everything rises and falls on leadership – EVERYTHING… schools, businesses, churches, hospitals, nations and homes. Leaders are the architects of the future. However, before we can create the future, there's a significant hurdle all aspiring leaders must clear.


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