Generate More and Better Ideas!

When your team needs new ideas, what do you do? Brainstorming is the technique of choice for most teams. I think people like it because it helps them generate a lot of ideas, requires no special training, and it can be fun. While all this is true, and no formal training is needed, there are a few basics that can exponentially improve the output of your brainstorming sessions.

Got Problems?

Every team has problems – even if things are going well, your new problem is how to sustain the gains and go to the next level. Teams, when working well, are GREAT at solving problems. They harness the experience, wisdom and creativity of the entire group. Together, the team is smarter than any of the individual team members. Does this sound like your team? Tragically, many teams never realize their full problem solving potential. One way to help your team in this arena is to provide a clear process for problem solving.


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