One Word: Inspire

Over the last twelve months, I have written several posts in the One Word series. These are words leaders think about often. Some of the featured words have included Momentum, Team, Hope, Vision and Diversity. Today, the next installment… one thing every leader must ultimately learn to do, or give the baton to someone else to do – INSPIRE others to action.

You Will Leave A Legacy

At what point in my life should I begin thinking about my legacy? Are thoughts on this topic restricted to the elderly? What will my legacy be? Based on my current course, will my legacy be what I want it to be?

Why Story Matters

Yesterday, I completed Robert McKee’s Story Seminar. It’s a story boot camp of sorts – 32 hours of teaching in four days... including a 6 hour, scene by scene screening of Casablanca! The audience consisted of about 200 writers for screen, stage and page, along with several film and TV producers.


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