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Is it Time for You to Pick a Fight?

Are you facing a challenge? If so, let the words of author Jon Gordon encourage you to stay the course and keep battling.
"Always remember that our greatest battle comes before our greatest victory." - Jon Gordon
Leaders, by nature, are born for a fight. Unfortunately after we've been beaten and bloodied a few times we have a tendency to shy away and avoid conflict.
As you approach your work today, identify something worth fighting for and go after it. Your team needs you to be the first one to roll up your sleeves and stand for truth.
[Tweet "If leaders back away when things get hard, it is only a matter of time until everyone else will."]
Never forget, people always watch the leader.
You were born to fight great battles. Your team needs you to keep swinging. Please don't give up. You're greatest victory might just be around the corner.
Leadership Begins at Home,
Is there a place in your leadership where you have backed away from a battle?
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Today's Challenge: Getting From Here to There

Leaders generally know where they are trying to go – it’s called vision. The best leaders also have a good sense of where they are today – it’s called being grounded in reality. However, the challenge is often the how. How will you move from here to there? Today’s Challenge is a question about that journey: I know where I want to go as a leader, how do I get there?

How Do You Overcome Your Strength?

All human beings have strengths. My friend Marcus Buckingham has helped raise the world’s awareness of this fact. The tragedy: many people ignore, or under utilize their strengths. For a leader, the opposite is often true. If we’re not careful and strategic, we can overuse them.


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