Is Your Team Bringing You Life?

One of my favorite authors is, corporate poet, David Whyte. In his work, The House of Belonging, Whyte reminds his readers of the importance of being surrounded by people who bring life.
He writes, “Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”
As you look at your team, is there anyone who is not bringing you life? Is there anyone on your team who would say you are not bringing life to them?
Great leaders are emotionally intelligent. They pay attention to relationships, seeking to add value to the people they lead. They also are wise enough to rid themselves of draining team members.
If you want to have a great team, it starts with people who bring each other life. Anyone who fails in that department might be too small for you.  
Leadership Begins at Home,
What type of team members bring life to you as a leader?
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WE Goals Are Better Than ME Goals

There is a half-truth in organizations that undermines the performance of countless teams. It goes something like this: Every member of the team should have accountability for a specific goal. The truth is, all great teams focus on achieving results; goals are good, but individual goals are a weak substitute for shared goals.

5 Things High Performance Teams Do

Last week, I wrote about the critical role of the team leader in a high performance team. The question often emerges, “So what does the team do?” The correct answer: it depends. It depends on the purpose of the team, their composition, their competency, their level of maturity, etc. However, you can often find some common behaviors in the best teams. I’ve written more extensively about this in my book, The Secret of Teams. For today’s post, here’s my top five list.

5 Tips to Help Your Team Be More Creative

In today’s challenging economic times, creative thinking is more valuable than ever. Not creative for creativity’s sake – creativity to solve real business problems. Many of the ideas of the past are no longer relevant. As a seasoned leader shared with me recently, “The half-life of ideas is decreasing rapidly.” So what’s our response?

Leveraging Shared Administrative Support

This is the second in a series on the leader and the assistant. In the first post, I talked about the value in having dedicated support. However, the majority of the leaders I know have shared support. I understand that scenario. At one point in my career, I had an assistant supporting me and 15 other people. Despite the odds, she still added HUGE value to the entire team. Here are some things that may help you if you have shared admin support.

Work Space Matters

I’ve long had a fascination with design – all types: architectural, graphics, products, interior design, all of it. I’ve also been a student of how work space affects our productivity and our creativity.

How to Have a Better Second Half

It’s that time of year again – March Madness. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, I think you would agree that sports can provide a lot of life lessons. I also believe the best coaches can teach us a lot about leadership.

Got Problems?

Every team has problems – even if things are going well, your new problem is how to sustain the gains and go to the next level. Teams, when working well, are GREAT at solving problems. They harness the experience, wisdom and creativity of the entire group. Together, the team is smarter than any of the individual team members. Does this sound like your team? Tragically, many teams never realize their full problem solving potential. One way to help your team in this arena is to provide a clear process for problem solving.


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